My wife accidentally deleted a thread on her iPhone 5 in iMessage. I have looked but can’t find a way to recover an entire thread. Is there any way to undelete the thread? I wish Apple would change that thread delete so that it is not so easy to accidentally do it. Thanks in advance.

Solution: how to undelete the thread on iPhone 5 in iMessage

To recover deleted imessages on iPhone 5 is not impossible, what you need is a professional iPhone 5 message recovery tool, here recommend iFonebox (Windows &Mac),this powerful iPhone 5 Data recovery could help you quickly undelete the iMessage on iPhone 5 with a few clicks

To start retrieving deleted imessages from iPhone5, first free download the trial version of iFonebox for windows or Mac. both them are available to iPhone 5s,iPhone 5c,iPhone 5,iPhone 4S,iPhone4,iPhone3GS etc.

Free download: iFonebox (Windows)

Free download: iFonebox (Mac)

Here we take Mac version as an example, if you are windows pc user, please refer to window version

Step 1: Choose recovery mode

Run this iPhone 5 message recovery on your Mac and connect your iPhone 5 with the Mac by a USB cable. Here choose “Recover from iOS Devices”

Step 2: Scanning your iPhone 5 for retrieving deleted message

This iPhone 5 messages Recovery tool will automatically scan your iPhone 5 to find out and analyze all the existing and deleted files. The scan time depends on the number of the file on your iPhone 5. So if there are lots of data on your iPhone 5, please wait patiently until the software finish the scanning task.

Step 3: Preview and recover deleted texts selectively

After scanning finished, you can easily preview all data found on your iPhone 5 in the scan result. Click the “message” on the top side of the window to preview the content. The data displayed in the scan result contains deleted and existing messages on your iPhone 5. You can check the box “only display the deleted items” to list deleted message only. Then selectively mark what you want before click “Recover” button to save deleted message on your Mac.

“How can I make more than two backups for my iPhone 5 using itunes? Because every time I sync my iPhone5 the backup overwritten by the new one, is there a way to keep each backup for my iPhone 5 without deleting the old backup in iTunes”

The truth is, iTunes only keeps one normal backup per iOS device, each iOS device only have a recent backup in iTunes. To keep multiple backup for your iPhone 5 without deleting the old backup in iTunes is infeasible  (more…)

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Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.1.X released last week to everyone’s surprise by a mysterious team of Chinese jailbreak developers. The Pangu team today updated their jailbreak tool to v1.1, adding a Mac version, and English support. This post gives you step-by-step instructions to jailbreak your iOS device with Pangu for Mac.

“Unfortunately my little son dropped my iPhone4S in poor and broken. Thankfully I have an iTunes backup of all its data on my PC. How do I view or retrieve photos from this backup? I do not have another Apple device that can view photos and my iCloud account does not contain any photos. I need help! Is there any way to extract photos from my iPhone4s backup”

There are many iPhone backup extractor tools in the market; these iPhone backup extractor software works well with iPhone5S/5/5C/4S/4/3GS, it could help you access to iTunes and allowed you to preview the photo as well as contacts, messages, notes, etc. you can also export photos to your computer.  (more…)