iPhone 6 is reported to be announced just next month, and maybe  you’ve already got your idea of getting the new iPhone 2014. But what to do with your old  iPhone 2G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C when you get a new iPhone? Here are some crazy ideas what you can do with your old iPhones.

But before all of your crazy actions, you’d better backup all data from you old iPhone with iTunes, or iFonebox. If backup with iFonebox, you can even recover your deleted data from the old iPhone. And then, not matter what you do to the old iPhone, you will still be able to get back all data from the backup files. And let’s go through the ways to do with old iPhones now.


No 1. Sell the old iPhone 2G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C.

This is not crazy at all and instead, this is a nice choice since you can get money for the new iPhone 6. But you must bare in mind that you have to erase all you data from your old iPhone in case some bad geek guys recover your data from the old device.


No 2. Reuse and Get Creative with Your Old iPhone

Actually there are 7 ideas of reuse your old iPhone. Just check which one is the most crazy one. You can  install Android on an old iPhone; Jailbreak and unlock your old iPhone and get all kinds of stunning apps free; Use Your iPhone as a Webcam; Use your iPhone as remote control; Turn Your iPhone into a Dedicated Ebook Reader; Scan Documents With Your iPhone; Use your iPhone as a Fancy Clock; or Install an iOS 7 like OS to iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 1G, or iPod Touch 2G.

iphone damaged by train

NO 3. Do All Crazy Tests on the Old iPhone

What crazy tests you can do to the iPhone? You can test all episodes what TechRax has done to ensure how hard an iPhone is, like crash the iPhone screen to see if it still functional, put it into water to see if it still work underwater, put it in hot pot to see how hot it can bear (be careful of this test, you may make the iPhone explode); or cook with an iPhone.

Or even more crazy, to test if an iPhone will survive when a train runs over it.

What crazy idea do you have to do with your old iPhone 2G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C when you get a new iPhone 6?


iPhone 6 reportedly in final test stage before mass production

The iPhone 6 is now facing its final test phase in preparation for mass production. At least, that’s the latest scuttlebutt from Chinese media.

Purportedly based on sources at Apple supplier Foxconn, a report from Chinese blog site Weibo claims that the iPhone 6 is now in a stage called product validation test (PVT), according to the G for Games blog. The PVT stage means that the iPhone assembly line ramps up to full speed to see if any hitches creep into the process. A small number of iPhones are manufactured for a quality-control check, and the assembly line may be tweaked if the process needs any refinements. Mass production then starts as soon as the PVT passes muster.

However, a July report from Chinese media claimed that mass production of a 4.6-inch iPhone 6 was already slated to start in July, while production of a 5.5-inch model would kick off during the second week of August. So which report is correct, assuming either of them are?

One possible explanation is that the July report may have been accurate at the time but that Apple ran into issues that led to a delay in actual mass production. Another explanation is that one or more of the sources for these two reports simply has the facts wrong.

The source of the newest report is Xiang Ligang, a former professor at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and currently CEO of a Chinese publication called CCTimes, according to G for Games. As such, G for Games gives him some credibility based on his expected knowledge of Apple’s Chinese supply chain sources.

For now, though, take all of this with the usual grain of salt as these items are still firmly in the rumor stage.

Whether it’s already reached mass production or is just about to reach it, the next iPhone needs to be ready soon. The iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled next month, most likely at a media event on September 9, according to Recode. If true, that means Apple must be prepping production of the new iPhone in time for a consumer rollout later in September or early October at the latest.

A spokeswoman for Apple declined CNET’s request to comment on the mass production reports.

(Via MacRumors & Cnet)

Is it possible to unlock iPhone without passcode? Regardless of  the reason why you want to bypass iPhone without the passcode, there are several ways to help you unlock iPhone passcode. Check the following methods.

NO. 1 How to unlock iPhone without passcode?

This works for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4 running iOS 7.0.2. And this iOS version is the easiest one to be bypassed. Just check detail from the following video.


1. Get To Lockscreen

2. Call FaceTime Number Or Contact

3. Click Facetime

4. Press Power Button Once Or Twice

5. Unlock Device Using Home Button

6. Your Device Should Still Be Calling, So Repeat Steps 3 & 4 For A Total Of 3 Times, Then You Should Be In Phone App


No 2. How to bypass iPhone lockscreen on iOS 7.1.2?

I’m afraid that if you are using an iPhone running iOS 7.1.2, you will definitely fail in the first method since iOS 7.1.2 has fixed the bypass flaw. Now what the hell should you do to bypass iPhone lockscree? The answer is you can guess! And here’s the way you can try without the waiting time if insert a wrong passcode. You have to connect the iPhone with iTunes and you should manage it on Mac.


1. Try one passcode and if it fails try another one until you get the screen to wait for several minutes to try again.

2. Go to iTunes and click the sync button.

3. When iTunes popup the window, choose no.

And you can find the time limitation is over.

No 3. How to bypass iPhone lockscreen on iOS 7.1.1?

This method is easy and you don’t have to try as method No. 2. And you can access the contacts.

Here’s the details:


1. Enable Siri by pressing the home button.

2. Tell Siri to call

3. When Siri asks you who you would like to call, you can say call B.

4. And Siri will list several contacts with the letter of B, and Other.

5. Click Other, and you can access contacts without inserting a passcode.

And if you are using any iDevice running iOS 6 and lower, you can use iFonebox to recover and backup all existing and deleted data from the device with locked screen.


Sometimes it’s rally frustrating if your iPhone ran out of power when you are outside. You may have to take hours to charge your phones with USB or charger in public places. Now you get a wonderful alternative to charge your smart phones in the air. There’s a wonderful hardware, uBeam,  is introduced last Wednesday.

Meredith Perry who’s only 25 years old now, firstly started astrobiology at the University of Pennsylvania, but now no one would expected that she is now introducing this excellent new concept to the world. She created a technology to charge electronic devices on the air.


To charge your iPhone or other smartphones, you just simply need a device (uBeam Charge Station) to convert electricity to ultrasound, and with a small USB like receiver, you can charge your electronic devices in the air.  The uBeam Charge Station can be made as thin as several millimeters and can be hide easily on decoration paintings on the wall. But due to it’s still under developing, there are still some barriers. For example, the Station can’t send ultrasound waves through the walls like what Wifi does. So you will have to get several Stations in different rooms.

But no matter what, it’s still nice to imagine what our daily lives would be changed if it’s available. People can charge their phones and laptops anytime anywhere. They even don’t need the large battery storage any more. That will make the devices much more lighter.

And it’s not far, since Perry said that uBeam will be available in the next two years. Let’s expect for it.





Why IS iPhone 6 Worth Waiting?

August 8th, 2014 | Posted by JulieJ in iPhone 6 - (0 Comments)

iphne 6

It is not news any more that iPhone 6 will be released on September 9, 2014. And according to rumors, there are many new features that may make you crazy about the new iPhone in 2014. Is iPhone 6 worth waiting? Here are the reason why the next generation iPhone in 2014 worth waiting.

Reason 1: It’s Bigger!!!

For years there are complaints of iPhone’s limited size comparing with other smartphones. And iPhone also attempts to change from 3.5 inches to 4 inches with the iPhone 5, and with iPhone 6 which is rumored to be even larger. How big will iPhone 6 be? Rumors say that the new iPhone in 2014 will be 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. Here’s what it will be like comparing with iPhone 5S according to MacRumors.



Reason 2: It has harder screen!

Still according to rumors, the new iPhone 6 is made of Sapphire crystal screen which is much much harder than the Gorilla glass for iPhone 5S and the previous generations of iPhones. How hard will Sapphire crystal screen be? Here’s a video to show you.

The screen will be much harder than iPhone 5S. As the guy is scratching the screen with sandpaper, you can see the result clearly. iPhone 5S’s screen has been severely destroyed while you can hardly find a scratch on the Sapphire crystal screen. The new screen can fully ease you from the worrying of making the screen scratched by keys or other hard objects. A big thumb up!

Reason 3: It’s faster and more efficient!

It is said that the new iPhone in 2014 will be using 20-nanometer A8 chip from TSMC (instead of Samsung) which will be both smaller and more energy efficient. And rumors say that the A8 processor may in fact be dual-core with a frequency of 2.0 GHz or higher per core.The A8 may also be limited to 1GB of RAM, the same as the A7. But anyway, iPhone never disappoint its users and fans. Let’s just wait for a more efficient iPhone.

Reason 4: Larger Storage option!

It’s kind of frustrating if your iPhone ran out of space. And to clean the space is also a time taking thing. And you will have to think where to save your important thing. According to the rumors, you won’t have the trouble now since Apple will introduce 128GB storage for some builds of 5.5-inch iPhones. And of course the price will be higher. And the rumors say that the price for 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will be raise, making it $299 with a carrier contract, while selling the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone for the standard $199 on contract.

Reason 5: A new version of iOS!

As you may already know that the new iOS is often more compatible with its matched iPhone. Although Apple forced you to update iOS no matter you are using iPhone 5 or 5S. If you update the iOS on a lower generation iPhone, you may make your iPhone slower. It’s like a dilemma. If you want new features, you have to sacrifice speed. But it won’t happen to new iPhone with a new iOS. The new iPhone 6 is said to be released with iOS 8 who’s beta version is previewed by Apple’s Worldwide developers at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. iOS 8 will come out with several new features that improve integration between Apple’s mobile and desktop devices. It improves message management tools, interactive notifications,  a revamped “QuickType” keyboard, iCloud Drive access, and an all new health and fitness aggregation app, called simply “Health.”

In a word, according to the rumors, the new iPhone will provide larger space, bigger and harder screen, and faster and more efficient experience. Let’s expect for more stunning features to be announced on September 9, 2014.



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