You may want to put your Blu-ray or DVD movies to Google Nexus 4 for enjoying in travel time. However, there’s not a Blu-ray drive or DVD-ROM included, thus you should firstly convert Blu-ray to Google Nexus 4 recognized video formats on PC before you can watch Blu-ray movies on Google Nexus 4.

Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper is a powerful yet easy to use Blu-ray to Google Nexus 4 converter that lets you convert Blu-ray to Google Nexus 4 and watch Blu-ray on Google Nexus 4 at fastest speed. If you are using Mac computers, you could use Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper for Mac to rip Blu-ray to Google Nexus 4 on Mac with ease.

How to convert BD/DVD to Nexus 4 supported video
Step 1. Add source Blu-ray movies.Open this Blu-ray to Google Nexus 4 converter to load source Blu-ray movies by clicking Load BD button for processing. You can also load DVD files to convert DVD to Google Nexus 4 videos within this Blu-ray to Google Nexus 4 converter.

Step 2. Set subtitle language. Select the main movie, and set desired language from drop-down list of “Subtitles” box.

Step 3. Choose output profile.Click the “Format” option and choose “Google Nexus 4 H.264 Video(*.mp4)” under “Android” column. The preset exports DVD and Blu-ray movies in 720p HD 16:9 to fit in Nexus 4’s display.

Tip: If there’s no Google Nexus 4 preset in profile list, you can pick up “Google Nexus 7 H.264 Video (*.mp4)” instead for conversion, or download Nexus 4 Profile Patch from here (Windows user only, Mac users need to custom the profile).

Step 3. Convert Blu-ray to Google Nexus 4 video.On the main interface, click the convert button to begin to convert Blu-ray to Google Nexus 4 videos within this Blu-ray to Google Nexus 4 converter.

After conversion press “Open” to find converted movie and transfer the videos to Nexus 4 as you do with other Android devices like Galaxy Note 10.1.

Tips and Tricks
1. To get higher video quality, simply click “Settings”, find “Bitrate” in Video column, and set it to up before starts. To get smaller file size, set bitrate down to 1000kbps or lower.

2. To convert MKV/AVI/WMV/MOV videos, and rip DVD and Blu-ray Disc movie for Nexus 4, you can get the all-in-one package of Pavtube Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate.

If you are a Mac user and have a Nexus 4, you probably have already noticed that the LG Android phone does not seem to be accessible when connected via USB to the Mac. This is because The USB connection uses the MTP protocol, which is not supported by Mac OS X natively. Therefore, you first need to install Android File Transfer and LG Nexus 4 USB Drivers for Mac. By following these steps you can mount the phone and copy local videos, music and pictures to Google Nexus 4 for watching on the go.

Transferring videos and music from Mac OS X to Nexus 4:

1. Install the free Android File Transfer application on your Macintosh. It’s available from, along with instructions on how to install it.

2. After you install Android File Transfer, connect your Nexus 4 to your Mac via the USB cable. Wait for the phone to get connected and drivers to be installed.

3. Open up the Android File System app. It should recognize your Nexus 4 and then will automatically open up with your internal phone memory directories.

Tip: If you get a “No Device Found” message, be sure your Nexus 7 is in Media device (MTP) transfer mode. You can do this by swiping down to open the notification tray and then tapping on the Connected As… message.

4. You can drag and drop files and media (video, music and photos) into the window (Nexus 4). Additionally, you can create new folders and delete files. During this time, you can’t access the SD card from your Nexus 4 or share your Android phone’s data connection with your computer via USB.

5. When the videos are copied to Nexus 4, you can disconnect your Nexus phone from Mac.
Like the Nexus 7, it does not include an SD card slot for additional storage, so you may need a Video Converter to compress very big file to smaller file size.
Note: You need to make sure that the file format is supported by the Nexus 4 before transferring video/music to Nexus 4.
Refer to Google Nexus 4 supported codecs:

Video codec: H.263, MPEG-4 SP, H.264 AVC
Audio codec: AAC LC/LTP, HE-AACv1 (AAC+), HE-AACv2 (enhanced AAC+), AMR-NB, AMR-WB 9, MP3, MIDI SMF, Ogg Vorbis, WAV

MKV, MOV, TS, and some AVI videos are not accepted formats and you have to convert the HD video to Google Nexus 4 optimized H.264 .mp4 files before downloading them to the phone. Your Blu-ray and DVD movies can also be compressed to fit in Nexus 4 with handy shareware (how to rip Blu-ray movies to Nexus 4).

If you have some DVD movie collections and want to play DVD on Google Nexus 7 Tablet, you’ll need to convert DVD to Nexus 7 compatible video format first. To do this, you can follow a simple tutorial below, which mainly shows you how to get movies off DVD disc to Google Nexus 7 on Mac OS X.

In order to rip DVD movies for Nexus 7 tablet for play back, we’ll need to get some help from third-party software to convert DVD’s to Nexus 7 supported video formats (e.g. h.264 mp4) on Mac. There are many programs out there that allow you to make copies of your DVDs and let you watch them the way you want to view them. If you’re confused about choosing a suitable one and looking for ease of use, I’ve success using Pavtube’s DVD Ripper for Mac (Alternative Wins Version) to encode DVD to a playable format for Nexus 7.

Frankly, the program can be used a great DVD to Nexus 7 Converter on Mac OS X Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8). I’ve found the quality to be excellent, and see no difference when compared to playing the discs themselves. The audio/video synchronization is very good, the size of the subtitles too. The time it takes to convert in this software is almost half that in other. Just free download it and download DVD movies to Google Nexus 7 thru a Mac for playing in just a few clicks.

Pavtube DVD Ripper for Mac
Pavtube DVD Ripper for Windows

Convert and Copy DVD movies to Nexus 7 Tablet via Mac OS X

1. Assuming you’ve downloaded the Mac DVD Ripper for Nexus 7, the first step is to load your movies from DVD disc to the program. You can also load DVD ISO/IFO and DVD Folders.

2. Select output format. You can easily find the optimized profile for Nexus 7 under “Android > Google Nexus H.264 Video”

You can adjust the output parameters of the video by click “Settings” button. For watching videos on the Android-based Tablet, 720p with 1500~2000kbps is just all right. I find that bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss. Below is best format setting for Google Nexus 7 per my experience, you can take it as reference:

3. Click the big “Convert” button to start ripping DVD to Nexus 7 videos on Mac.

After the conversion, you can transfer the result videos to nexus 7 from Mac. In this way, you can start viewing DVD movies with Google Nexus 7 and enjoy them on the go!

The Google Nexus 7′s quad-core Tegra 3 processor delivers fast performance and a beautiful and responsive screen. It brings your entertainment to life in stunning clarity on a vibrant 1280-by-800 high-resolution and stunning 7” display.

Perhaps it would be better to watch  movies with its wonderful IPS display, but, how to put your DVD collections onto Nexus 7? As a universal DVD Ripper software, Pavtube DVD Ripper can help you do that.

Now, just follow the simple guide to figure out how it works for Nexus 7.