If you have some movies/TV shows (.m4v) purchased from iTunes store or some Digital Copies (in .m4v format) stored in iTunes, you may want to get them out of your Mac and onto the Kindle Fire HD for enjoying on the go. However, you’re only told that you can play them due to DRM protection. To achieve your goal smoothly, you may have to get rid of DRM restrcitions from iTunes videos and Digital Copies and then convert the M4V videos to Kindle Fire HD compatible videos. If you’re interested in doing this likewise, check out the simple totorial below, guaranteed to get iTunes and Digital Copy movies and Kindle Fire HD to play nicely.

To get the work done, a DRM converter is needed. Here Pavtube ChewTune Mac, a top Mac iTunes Movie DRM Decoder is highly recommended to help you convert protected iTunes and Digital Copy M4V to DRM-free MP4 for playing on Kindle Fire HD on Mac. With it, you can effortlessly make your iTunes and Digital Copy videos playable on Kindle Fire HD in just a few clicks. Meanwhile the playback of the converted videos is as decent as possible as original. Now just download it and follow the step-by-step guide below to transfer iTunes & Digital Copy movies to Kindle Fire HD.

Removing DRM from iTunes/Digital Copy M4V for playback with Kindle Fire HD on Mac

To use the DRM removal software on Mac, you’re request to:

1) Set iTunes not to remember playback position.
2) Set iTunes to 32bit if you are running Mac OS X Lion.
3) Run the program and type in password of your Mac account as it requires.

1. After launching the DRM Converter on your Mac, drag and drop iTunes m4v and Digital Copy M4V to the software. The softare supports batch conversion so you can convert several files in one go.

2. Select output format. You can easily find the optimized profiles for the HD Kindle Fire under “Android > Amazon Kindle Fire H.264(*.mp4)”.

Tips – Set quality. Cause the Kindle Fire HD’s resolution is higher than its previous, so you’d better click “settings” button to adjust the output parameters of the video. Remember the file size is based more on bitrate than resolution which means bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss. Below is the best video format for Kindle Fire HD per my experience:

3. After above steps, just click “Convert” to start removing DRM protection and converting iTunes/Digital Copy M4V to Kindle Fire HD MP4 videos.

P.S. If you’re using a Windows XP/7/Vista PC, just get the ChewTune windows version here to finish the almost same workflow.

Once the process completes, download and transfer the DRM-free videos to Kindle Fire HD from Mac. In this way, you can watch iTunes/Digital Copy movies on Kindle Fire HD Tablet as you like.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD certainly matches the Nexus 7 in terms of price and raw hardware, and it comfortably trumps the iPad mini on price and screen resolution. Everything looks noticeably fuzzier than on the Kindle Fire HD’s 1280×800 screen. It’s really great for us to watch videos.

But, as far as i know, many users have problems to play AVi videos on Kindle Fire HD. AVI is named for audio video interleave. It’s also a multimedia container format. As wikipedia said, AVI files can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback. Anyway, this format can’t be played well by Kindle Fire HD. Wanna watch AVI videos on Kindle Fire HD without any issues? And haven’t found out an available way to make it? Don’t worry, the following article i will share you my own solution to make avi videos playing on kindle fire.

Need to be Prepared in advance, an avi to Kindle fire HDconverter is necessary. Here i use Pavtube video converter. If you are a beginner, you may refer to the following article to convert avi videos for Kindle Fire HD.

First of all, you should download and install this Kindle fire HD video converter on your computer. The process is very simple and won’t take much time. Pavtube studio also make many patches for us to get the presets of latest devices, Kindle fire HD preset included. Here i suggest you also installing the patch. Now, please follow the tips to do it step by step.

1. Run this conversion software. Add your avi video files.

2. Choose Kindle fire HD formats. Since you have installed the patch, this step is rather simple. Just Click on “Format”, located in “Android” category, then you can easily find the “Amazon Kindle Fire HD H.264 (*.mp4)”, just select it.

Note: By Clicking “Settings”, you will open a “profile settings” window. you can adjust some parameters to get the video quality you want. But you should know, higher quality with bigger size, Please pay attention to the storage space of your kindle fire HD.

3. Press the “Convert” button, begin to convert avi videos to Kindle Fire HD.

Thanks to the ATI stream and CUDA technology of this avi converter, the conversion speed is much faster, you will get the result video in a short time. When it’s done, copy the converted video to Kindle Fire HD. Now, everything is ok. Just enjoy your time!

There’s always a lot to learn when getting started with a new tablet, and these tips can help everyone from the beginner to the advanced user get more out of their Kindle Fire HD tablets.

1. Kindle Fire HD Help and Support – Here’s the link to the Kindle Fire HD help section at Amazon where you can find user guides and help articles on getting started, setting up Wi-Fi, navigating the user interface, troubleshooting, shopping, transferring content, setting up email, and plenty more. The Kindle also comes with an app and has a section in the settings menu called “Help & Feedback” to access Amazon’s help pages from the device itself.

2. Access Notifications and Settings Menu – The notifications menu is accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen. There are a number of quick settings here and the main settings menu is accessed by pressing the “More” button.

3. Install 3rd Party Apps – In order to install apps from outside the Amazon appstore, including several linked to below, you need to turn on “Allow Installation of Applications from Unknown sources” located in Settings > Device.

4. Password Protection – In Settings > Security there’s an option to set a lock screen password so that other people cannot access your Kindle.

5. Uninstalling Apps and Removing Content – Simply long-press on any app, ebook, movie, or other icon to bring up the option to “Remove from Device”. For Amazon’s content this moves the item to the cloud and it won’t be deleted permanently.

6. Remove Items from Carrousel – Long-press icons for the option to remove them.

7. Remove Ads – After logging into your Amazon account, go to the Manage Your Devices section of your Kindle account. From there you can choose to “Edit” the Special Offers to unsubscribe from them. It costs $15 plus tax.

8. File Manager – The Kindle Fire doesn’t come with any file management software, which can make things a lot easier if you need to move files or access folders you can’t normally get access to. Our favorite is ES File Explorer, and it’s free in the Amazon appstore. Highly recommended.

9. Micro HDMI – The Kindle Fire HD has a micro HDMI port that works great for connecting to a TV or monitor. On Amazon, micro HDMI cables are only a few bucks. Or you can get an adaptor to fit a full size cable connector. Just make sure to get one with a “Micro” (Type D) connection to fit the Fire.

10. YouTube – You can access YouTube with the Silk web browser but the actual YouTube app is a lot better. We sideloaded the version from the Nexus 7 and it works great, even in HD. It just won’t let you login. Here’s the link: download YouTube apk.

Q: How can I play 1080p MKV movies on my Kindle Fire HD?
A: The Kindle HD supports video content in format of MP4, 3GP, and VP8 (.webm), so any videos you have not in one of these formats will need to be converted, including MKV. If you intend to watch 1080p MKV movies on your device, you may read the tips for playing MKV files on Kindle Fire HD.

Q: Are you able to download already existing AVI onto Kindle Fire HD to watch them?
A: This is in the same situation as playing MKV movies on Kindle Fire HD. As neither Amazon nor its subsidiaries provide any content in .avi format that may be the reason it’s not supported. If that is the case, Kindle Fire HD owners need to render AVI movies to MP4 for smooth playback on their Amazon tablets.

Q: Is it possible to view VOB files on Amazon Kindle Fire HD?
A: The Kindle Fire HD is good for reading books/magazines, playing games and watching movies. Whe it comes to watching movies, the Kindle Fire HD only supports video files in MP4, 3GP, and VP8 (.webm) format. If you would like to view movies that are not in these file types (e.g. VOB), you need to convert them before transferring them to your Kindle Fire for displaying. Here is a guide telling how to transcode VOB files to watch them on Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Q: How can I play Flash video (FLV, F4V) on Kindle Fire HD?
A: From the online documentation for the Kindle Fire HD we know that Flash content is not supported on Kindle Fire HD. There are ways to get around it, though, using certain browsers. For example, you can use Amazon Silk web browser to view online Flash content on Kindle Fire HD. Amazon Silk web browser does support flash, and it’s just disabled by default. If you would like to open the flash file, you will need to enable Flash through your Silk Settings menu. If you have downloaded a lot of videos (.flv, .f4v) on the Internet (YouTube, etc.) and want to watch them on your Kindle Fire HD, you will need a Flash Video Converter for Fire HD. Here comes a article presenting how to watch downloaded FLV and F4V flash videos on Fire HD.

Q: How to enable Kindle Fire HD 8.9 to play MPG video files?
A: The MPG is not a format that supported by Kindle Fire HD 8.9. If you have many MPG movies stored on your PC, and intend to transfer them to Fire HD for playback, you can use the profile called “Amazon Kindle Fire HD H.264 (*.mp4)” within Pavtube Video Converter to convert MPG to a standard .mp4 file that the Kindle Fire HD would play. Here’s how to convert MPG movies to MP4 for viewing on Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted features one of those rare transfers where one look pretty much says it all. This is a dazzling display of color and clarity, ranking up there with the absolute finest the Blu-ray format has to offer. Madagascar 3 is absolutely defined by its rich and varied color palette. The transfer delivers every hue with brilliant accuracy and vibrancy, all of them nearly blinding but nevertheless balanced and pleasant to the eye.

Being a media player, you may want to watch Madagascar 3 Blu ray movies on Kindle Fire HD. Some people may have this question “Kindle Fire HD has no BD drive so how to play Madagascar 3 Blu ray on Kindle Fire HD?” To solve this problem, a Madagascar 3 Blu-ray to Kindle Fire HD converter will be your best choice. Blu ray to Kindle Fire HD converter is an easy-to-use and multi-functional Blu-ray ripping program, which can rip Madagascar 3 Blu ray to Kindle Fire HD supported video format like MP4. Then you can transfer converted Madagascar 3 Blu ray to Kindle Fire HD for playback. (more…)

The Kindle Fire HD is the second generation of Amazon’s color touchscreen Kindle Fire tablet line announced on September 6, 2012. It is available in two form factors, 7 inch and 8.9 inch. Both versions were available to pre-order in the United States on September 6; the 7-inch version was released on September 14, while the 8.9-inch model will be released on November 20.

After you got the Kindle Fire HD, you may wonder how to take full advantage of it to enhance your entertainment life. If you have purchased movies, TV shows as well as music from Apple iTunes Store, how to get iTunes onto Kindle Fire HD for playback? Most people will just copy iTunes stuff & paste them onto Kindle Fire HD, unfortunately, this will not work. Which prevents you from using iTunes movies is the DRM technology (Digital Rights Management ) that is placed on iTunes bought movies. (more…)