best finance app for iPhone

Personal finances apps are best for those who need every expense tracked systematically. If you have an iPhone or iPad, these apps will help you manage your finances. Designed with a simple interface, it can be used by anyone.

No matter what your personal finance goals are, the App Store has lots of iPhone apps that can help you meet them. So, which are the absolute best ones? (more…)

There may be a number of options for budding iPad Scorseses, now you can add Avid’s “Studio” to that list. Conveniently launching at the same price as iMovie, Avid’s intention to woo Apple’s users is clear. Those five bucks get you a tidy storyboard solution, “precision” editing, the usual array of transitions and effects, plus multi-channel audio support (including access to your iTunes library). Video can be shot from the device itself, of course, and camera kit owners can import footage from your archives. The final results can then be rendered in either 480p, 540p and 720p or shared via the usual social options. Most importantly, projects can also be finished off in the desktop version — handy, if they start getting into Titanic territory. It’s available today, just focus your iPad at the app store

Air Dictate appWell, this is very striking. Given that we’ve already seen Siri respond to custom commands, replace your remote and adjust the temperature in your house, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone, somewhere has figured out how to make her control Macs. That’s what’s going on with Air Dictate by Avatron, a new app that allows you to dictate memos and other Very Important Business so that it appears in your text editor, without you having to type it yourself. Once you download the $1 app, you’ll need to visit Avatron’s website, download the Air Dictate Receiver software for your Mac and make sure the two devices are connected to the same WiFi network. So far as we can tell, it should work with any application that accepts text input, though for now it’s only compatible with Macs and the iPhone 4S (sorry, jailbreakers).

We’ve already seen Netflix‘s more tablet-optimized interface in the latest version of its Android app and now, as promised, the company has brought much the same UI to its iOS app. In addition to giving iPad users the ability to view more content at a glance, version 2.0 of the app also brings with it support for Netflix users in Latin America, as well as a number of stability fixes. As always, it remains free for Netflix members — hit up the App Store to download it now.

Well, I was finally able to sign into Netflix since updating the app an hour ago. Only the app hasn’t changed one bit.  Still looks exactly the same as ever.  I thought maybe the app didn’t install for some reason but the App store tells me all my apps are up to date.

It’s only been several months since Boxee unleashed its much anticipated iPad app, but the company has already come out with that much needed update to version 1.2.

After upgrade Boxee app to version 1.2, you will be able to navigate across content sent to their Boxee Boxes using a remote control interface that’s now located at the bottom right corner of the app.

I think many Device-Tips  fans have got ipad or ipad 2. Now you can pause video sent to your Box and pick up later where you left off, using the Boxee Media Manager. And, as expected, AirPlay sessions can now run in the background, giving you one less thing to worry about while lazing on the couch. What’s more, on a related note, Spotify users can now use Boxee to access Spotify accounts from anywhere in the world. Of course, access was only granted in countries where Spotify is available.

To me, I wish Boxee would release the PC version update and Release this app on other mobile OS versions.

AppleCare+ for iPhone 4S preorders

October 12th, 2011 | Posted by admin in APPs | iPhone 4 | iPhone 4S | News - (3 Comments)

Recently Device-Tips has received numerous emails from readers who are confused (with good reason!) about the status of AppleCare+. Good news for those who pre-ordered the iPhone 4S: If you did not get a chance to order AppleCare+ with your iPhone 4S, Apple is extending your eligibility.

We noticed that when Apple announced AppleCare+ the company said it would only be available at the time of purchase. That is an important distinction from “AppleCare,” which can be purchased anytime in the first year but does not include coverage for accidental damage. The reason for AppleCare+’s more restrictive requirement is clear: Apple wants to make sure your iPhone is not already damaged when you purchase AppleCare+.

These days was flooded with so many pre-orders that the system was overwhelmed and many people were unable to place orders at all. Others were able to place orders, but weren’t offered AppleCare+.