How to update to iOS 8

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It is great news that iOS 8 will be available for users tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014. There are a lot of new features to make the new update bigger than bigger. No matter you are an iOS 6 user or iOS 7 user, when you make your decision to update to iOS 8, you can follow the tips in the following video made by Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY. The steps are as simple as one ,two, three.

  • Just backup all your stuff in iTunes or with iFonebox by connecting to the computer;
  • Enable wifi on the iDevice, go to General >> Software Update tomorrow. The new update will be available then.
  • Download and install the update. And enjoy the new iOS 8. It will take less than a hour to download and install the new update according to the experience of updating to iOS 7 last year.

What iDevice is iOS 8 compatible with?

iOS 8 is compatible with iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6 Plus, iPad 2/ 3rd generation/ 4th generation/ Air/ mini/ mini with Retina display, and iPod touch 5th generation.

ios 8 compatible devices


What to expect when updating iOS 8?

It’s very easy to update to iOS 8. But you need to have enough space according to CNet Bridget Carey. You must have at lease 3 GB free space for the download and install, although iOS 8 doesn’t eat up all the storage space finally. According to the experience of updating to iOS 7, it may take up 700MB or so.  Want to know about what to expect when updating iOS 8? Here you can refer to Bridget Carey’s video.

According to the video, to release more storage space to download and install iOS 8, you can uninstall apps, and clean photos and videos. Media files like photos, videos, and audios always take up a lot of space. So the most efficient way is to backup those files elsewhere, and delete them on the device to free the space.

If you have the older products like iPhone 4S and iPad 2, you may want to avoid upgrading. Last year, some iPhone 4 users reported performance issues when they jumped up to iOS 7.

What’s new in iOS 8?

The new iOS 8 comes with a lot of new exciting features according to Apple.

  • Quickly find and edit the photos you take.
  • Add your voice right in a text message.
  • Let your health and fitness apps communicate with each other, with your trainer, and even with your doctor.
  • Apple also provided developers with deeper access and more tools.
  • You’ll have new keyboard options and even more ways to share your content.
  • And you’ll be able to use iCloud and Touch ID in ways you never have before.

Besides the above, there are many more thoughtful features like double click the home button to find not only the used apps, but also the contacts you’ve spoken to recently with their faces icons across at the top of the screen.  You could tap on their faces to quickly call or message them.  With the new iOS 8, you can easily message your location to your friends now.  With the new Siri, you can even open apps like Twitter. Regarding the iPhone NFC sensor, it is said that it will be available next month only for Apple Pay on iPhone 6 modules. Other apps can’t use the sensor to make programs to do other things.

At last, here are some tips about updating to iOS 8.

  • iOS 8 is not for all iDevice users, if you are using an older iDevice like iPhone 4S or iPad2, it’s highly recommended to keep your current iOS in case there may be some performance issues.
  • For other users with iOS 8 compatible devices, it’s a nice choice to backup all your info before the update.
  • To download and install iOS 8, you may need at lease 3 GB free space on the device although it will not take up that much after the installation. You can uninstall and delete useless apps and media files to free space for the updating.




iPhone 6 is reported to be announced just next month, and maybe  you’ve already got your idea of getting the new iPhone 2014. But what to do with your old  iPhone 2G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C when you get a new iPhone? Here are some crazy ideas what you can do with your old iPhones.

But before all of your crazy actions, you’d better backup all data from you old iPhone with iTunes, or iFonebox. If backup with iFonebox, you can even recover your deleted data from the old iPhone. And then, not matter what you do to the old iPhone, you will still be able to get back all data from the backup files. And let’s go through the ways to do with old iPhones now.


No 1. Sell the old iPhone 2G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C.

This is not crazy at all and instead, this is a nice choice since you can get money for the new iPhone 6. But you must bare in mind that you have to erase all you data from your old iPhone in case some bad geek guys recover your data from the old device.

sell iphone


No 2. Reuse and Get Creative with Your Old iPhone

Actually there are 7 ideas of reuse your old iPhone. Just check which one is the most crazy one. You can  install Android on an old iPhone; Jailbreak and unlock your old iPhone and get all kinds of stunning apps free; Use Your iPhone as a Webcam; Use your iPhone as remote control; Turn Your iPhone into a Dedicated Ebook Reader; Scan Documents With Your iPhone; Use your iPhone as a Fancy Clock; or Install an iOS 7 like OS to iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 1G, or iPod Touch 2G.



NO 3. Do All Crazy Tests on the Old iPhone

What crazy tests you can do to the iPhone? You can test all episodes what TechRax has done to ensure how hard an iPhone is, like crash the iPhone screen to see if it still functional, put it into water to see if it still work underwater, put it in hot pot to see how hot it can bear (be careful of this test, you may make the iPhone explode); or cook with an iPhone.

Or even more crazy, to test if an iPhone will survive when a train runs over it.

What crazy idea do you have to do with your old iPhone 2G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C when you get a new iPhone 6?

P.S. iPhone 6 is released on September 9, 2014, and now on it’s official website, you can find that if you already have an old iPhone, you can get credit while purchasing the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.


“I tried to play a wmv video on iPhone 4S, but there is no image, only voice. How do I make it display the video?”, when i browse an iPhone forum. i found this question. And accroding to the information from iPhone 4S official website, it doesn’t support wmv videos.

As you see, we can’t put wmv videos on iPhone 4S directly. In this case, an easy-to-use yet professional WMV to iPhone 4S Converter will be what you need. Like Pavtube video converter or Pavtube video converter for mac. It supports converting any WMV to iPhone 4S MP4 with only three steps so that you could copy and watch any WMV videos on iPhone 4S.

Now, just follow the steps to make it.

Step 1. Free download and install this iPhone 4S video converter on your computer. Then you’d better install a patch for this tool to get the special iPhone 4S presets. After the installation, add your wmv files into this program.

Step 2. Choose iPhone 4S video formats. Here the “iPhone 4S H.264 Full Screen 960*640 (*.mp4)” is recommended. This profile is specially designed for you to get full-screen effect. You can also choose other preset you like.

Can’t play WMV files on iPhone 4S? – The best way for you-iphone-4s-full-hd-profile.png

Merge into one file: Allow you to join several WMV video files into a single one.

Step 3. Click the “Convert” button to start the process. When the process is done, stream the converted video to iPhone 4S via iTunes.
That’s all, you’d better try to convert wmv videos for iPhone 4S personally. Have some fun!

After finally issuing a version of its TWC TV app for Android tablets and phones (sans-live TV streaming, for now) Time Warner Cable has finally made its iOS version, which launched last March on the iPad, compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. There’s no additional charge for the app which allows for the aforementioned live TV viewing (as long as you’re on your home WiFi) and DVR scheduling, and the accompanying blog post reveals the available list of channels has reached 196. We should probably mention that the app is unlikely to play nicely with any jailbroken iOS devices it encounters, so some extra hackery may be in order to get things working there. Otherwise, Time Warner customers can grab it now from iTunes. (more…)

Are you ready to kick off Monday with some iOS flashing? Excellent, because Apple’s just released the second beta of iOS 5.1, lovingly christened 9B5127c. The beta enables individual picture deletion from Photo Stream – which differs from the existing delete all or nothing implementation. Too early to tell if it’ll finally squash any lingering battery bugs once and for all, but you can hit Apple’s developer website to get your download on — just be ready for the next one in two weeks, cool?

Some Apple fans say that iOS 5.1 is a minor software upgrade and bug fix but where is the new hardware? Apple needs to partner with Sony. This partnership would allow Sony to manufacture iPhones with Apple’s iOS properity (more…)

Recently, the iPhone 4 sits at the top of Flickr’s most popular camera phone list, but its days in the #1 slot may be numbered. Sneaking into the second place, a mere month after its launch, is the iPhone 4S. As pointed out by Macrumors, The iPhone 4S has climbed past the iPhone 3G, the 3GS, and the HTC EVO 4G, which is only Android phone to make it into Flickr’s top five list.

Though the iPhone 4S has got the second place, the iPhone 4 has an impressive lead and will keep its #1 position for a while. It’s a numbers game and the iPhone 4 has a huge user base the iPhone 4S won’t rival for at least another quarter or two. With its improved 8-megapixel lens system and wider aperture, the iPhone 4S is the superior shooter. It’s only a matter of time before Flickr shutterbugs make the transition to Apple’s latest handset and push the 4S to the top.

There may be some reasons for the iPhone 4S rises quickly in flickr. The enhanced camera and 1080P video recording function contributes the most. People love the convenience of cell phone cameras, besides, the photo quality of iPhone 4S has been greatly improved to years ago and exceeds other common smartphones.

It’s exciting for us to take photos, record videos or watch movies on iphone 4S. Using camera or video recording and playback will drain the battery quite rapidly. You’d better have some extended battery to back it up.