Best iPhone and iPad games of March 2014

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Are you looking for some interesting games to download on your iPad?  Here’s a list of best iPhone and iPad games of March 2014.

First Strike (more…)

Be A Hero in Earth 2037-2—CSB

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Summary: Earth 2037-2 now allows people join CSB—Cross Server Battle, which mean you can fight against players or alliance from different servers or countries. You wonna be the hero or leader of the planet, right?

Have you ever heard of CSB?

CSB means Cross Server Battle. As the most successful SLG game, Earth 2037-2 has attracted hundreds of thousands of players from different countries. Now we’d hold CSB across all the servers, which means players now have chance to fight against players from other servers or countries. If you have such mind to be a hero in the battle, come to join us.

Here is a simple instruction about Earth 2037-2

Owning 3 races: Human Alliance, Rising Sun Kingdom and Hawk Horde, Earth 2037-2 allows players build their own city in the map. When you grow strong enough, you can attack the relics or other players for resource. Each race has its own troops. You can also join into an alliance to make friends, attack or defense together with others. Once you can conquer the administrative center, you will be the leader of the planet.

To enjoy the game first, you can download it from Google Play, and you can also get more information about Earth 2037-2. Come on, CSB is waiting for you.

Gun Bros 2 app game Tips and tricks iOS

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Gun Bros 2 is Glu Mobile’s latest take on the twin-stick shooter formula, which maintains much of the same action-packed approach as the original while adding new elements. Unfortunately, nearly everything added here has sullied the Gun Bros experience, and feels misdirected and actively anti-consumer.

Here is a walkthrough for Gun Bros 2, Will you find here everything you need for help you includes hints, tips and cheats, solution for each level of this App.
This guide will provide you with all secrets in Gun Bros 2 and give you all the hints in order to pass every level perfectly.
Start now and get the best solutions for this App.

The mission-based gameplay is simple, but strong, and is entertaining enough to tide over casual players until they can work their way up to an impressive score on the endless mode, which has players challenging their Game Center friends for leaderboard rankings. It’s a continually evolving game type that keeps you pumping rounds into foes until you’re overrun and killed.

All the latest walkthrough and answers you need can be found on Aungame. We will assist you through the difficult parts of the app, achievements and everything! More Gun Bros 2 walkthrough for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will be posted on this page once they are available.

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Turbolab Pursuit Walkthrough

This weekend we are excited to be posting about the Real Racing 3 Cheats, our team just searched and found this special free cheat for real racing 3 and wanted to give everyone a opportunity to enjoy it. As of now you can end your quest looking for guides or tutorials on how to cheat the Real Racing 3 software app on your ipad, ipod, iphone, or android.

Getting a second car as quickly as possible might seem like strange money-saving advice to give, but once you’ve got two cars in your garage you get a lot more time on the track. That means you’ve got a lot more opportunities to earn money, and with a couple of low-performance cars running in tandem, you should rarely find yourself short of something to do.

The cleaner you drive, the less damage you’ll incur. EA may have removed the timers for on-road damage, but you’ll still have to pay out of your winnings to get your vehicle back to peak condition. The most important thing to do is get ahead of the pack as quickly as possible on the opening straights, while taking extreme caution at the first corner.

In Aungame app game team’s test, they finding that the starting cars are fairly equal in performance, we recommend picking the Silvia for its superior acceleration and braking attributes. The former will get you ahead of the dangerous pack more quickly, and the latter will save you from frustrating pangs against the AI.

If you want to make money, you’re going to have to drive at your peak performance. That means becoming less reliant on the various assists in the game, and taking more direct control over your vehicle. Experiment with bringing down the assists by degrees until you find a balance between performance and your own ability.

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Cheats and tips for Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is an app game developed by that invites you to a wide variety of match-3 challenges. Aungame’s Candy Crush Saga cheats guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you manage your match-making in Candy Crush Saga.

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