How to upload iPhone 4S 1080P videos to YouTube?

October 24th, 2011 | Posted by admin in iPhone 4 | iPhone 4S

Recently, my friend complained to me that his iPhone 4S can’t upload recorded 1080P videos to YouTube, he could only upload 720P videos, below is what he said.

“Well for some reason, my iPhone 4S videos (when uploaded to YouTube) come out as 720p the camera is rated at 8MP and 1080p definition, so why isn’t it doing it? I seen other videos on YouTube of the 4S video and they are also 1080p…any ideas?”

I used my iPhone 4S for a test, and I encountered the same problem, but when I output the recorded 1080P videos to PC, and then upload to YouTube, I succeed. So I think maybe YouTube doesn’t support upload 1080P videos via 3G/WIFI, or 1080P MOV format is not perfectly supported by YouTube. Anyone has the same issue?

Besides, I find some tips to solve iphone 4S upload problem and get better visual enjoyment, that is convert iPhone 4S  MOV videos to F4V format. F4V format is a kind of HD flash video format coding with H.264, F4V format is better than FLV because F4V has smaller volume and higher definition, and has been perfectly supported by nearly all video website like YouTube.

1. Free download Pavtube Video ConverterPatch is recommended to download which supports latest devices.
This software can help us to convert MOV videos to F4V format.

2. Install and launch the MOV to F4V converter.

3. Choose the best format iPhone 4S to convert and upload to YouTube.

Click format column and choose Flash Video > F4V (*.f4v).

Click settings and set the size in video column asoriginal, of course you can input the parameters as you want, for example 1920*1080. If your recorded videos are 720P, it is not recommended to convert to 1080P in avoid of quality loss.

 Click conversion to start. After converting, you can upload 1080P F4V videos to YouTube and share with your friends.

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