How to watch movies on Nook Tablet

November 15th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Nook Tablet

The Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet has been officially announced after months of speculation. It’s a direct competitor to Amazon Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The stunning 7-inch multi-touch screen displays 16 million colors ultra-bright. Exclusive design for remarkable clarity and minimal reflection & glare. It’s the ultimate for reading and enjoying the best in entertainment. Nook Tablet is powerful enough to stream videos quickly and smoothly. So you can kick back and enjoy the movies and videos you love, right on your Nook. It’s exciting for us to watch movies on Nook Tablet. Maybe you have got plenty of downloaded movies, DVD discs and Blu-ray movies, I think it’s great to play movies on Nook Tablet when you commute or travel. Here are some tips for you better watch HD movies, DVD and Blu-ray on Nook Tablet.

1. Free download Pavtube Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate.
This is an excellent software, it converts DVD/Blu-ray and common videos to Nook Tablet.

2. Install and launch the best Nook Tablet video converter.

3. Import the video you want to convert, and then choose the best video format for Nook Tablet.
Click format column and choose Android>Nook Color (*.mp4) for output. This format is perfectly supported by Nook Tablet.

4. After choosing the format, we can click settings to see detail information of the format, and we can change the profile parameters. In video column, we can set codec, size, bitrate, frame rate; in audio column, we can set codec, sample rate, bitrate and channels. For example, set the output video size as 1024*600 you will get High resolution display.

5. You can edit the video before conversion. Trim, Crop and Watermark functions are useful and convenient.

6. Click conversion to start. Nook Tablet movies converter runs smoothly with video and audio synchronization perfectly guaranteed by the software.

After converting, you just need to transfer movies to Nook Tablet. Now you may have known how to play movies on Nook Tablet, just enjoy it!

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