Blackberry Playbook is one of the most striking tablets released last year, it sales well all around the year. Recently, the operating system has been updated to 2.0 which offers better enjoyment. The Associated Press said that “playbook is a pleasure to navigate and filled with cool features.”

Maybe you have got this excellent tablet for months, you use it to read books, play games, or watch movies. Have you encountered some video playback problems on Playbook? You can find some solutions in Today there’s another tips for you that is to play iTunes movies on playbook. Purchased iTunes movies is DRM protected, so you can’t play them on those devices which is not authorized. How to solve this problem? Pavtube ChewTune can help you. Please follow the steps below. (more…)

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 released

January 11th, 2012 | Posted by admin in News - (1 Comments)

Highlighting RIM’s presence at CES 2012 is the official unveiling of PlayBook OS 2.0. On track for a February arrival, this release will deliver many features that productivity-minded users have pined for since the tablet’s arrival. First and foremost, we were given a demo of the PlayBook’s new email client and address book. The new software is functional and intuitive, which offers a unified inbox, application integration and ties to social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Also quite nice, the calendar displays both day and agenda views, along with the individuals you’ll meet during the day. We also saw a quick demo of the BlackBerry Bridge functionality, which offers integration between the smartphone and tablet. While the PlayBook fell on its face a few times during this bit, we ultimately saw the smartphone successfully push web links and pictures to the tablet for easier viewing. Due to the Bridge hiccups, we noticed the PlayBook took especially long to boot, which RIM states is due to the support for Android apps. We were given a quick demo of this feature as well, and much to the company’s relief, this segment went quite flawlessly and without fanfare. Be sure to check the full demonstration just after the break.
PlayBook OS 2.0

I bought the playbook is nice, but I want from the os update, is the addition of good apps, all their apps( or the ones critical for my use are all half baked, I wonder which Android apps are going to make the jump to the playbook,is good machine, ver slick way to multitask, switching by swypes between windows, but their apps are pretty darn bad. hope not just a couple silly Android apps get in, but a lot of ones.

PlayBook video converterBlackberry PlayBook is a striking tablet in this year. Though it doesn’t use Android operating system, it has attracted many people’s attention. The excellent high-definition screen, powerful video and audio playback feature leave good impression on us.

But the Blackberry playback is perfect in video playback, for example you can’t play AVI and MKV videos on PlayBook, it only supports MP4 format, so in order to play AVI on Blackberry PlayBook, you need to convert AVI to PlayBook MP4 format. Below are some tips for you.

1. Download Pavtube Video Converter (or Video Converter for Mac). It’s recommended to download Video Converter Patch which supports latest devices such as Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet etc. (more…)

How to watch DVD movies on BlackBerry PlayBook?

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BlackBerry PlayBook Packed with a blazingly fast 1 GHz dual core processor, a high resolution 7” multi-touch display and up to 10 hours of battery life, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet can handle even the most demanding of tasks. And with the new BlackBerry Tablet OS, you get true multitasking and mission critical reliability you can count on.

BlackBerry PlayBook will help you immerse yourself in a best-in-class multimedia experience with rich stereo sound and a crystal clear, high resolution display optimized for HD content. It’s a perfect tablet for DVD movies enjoying on your trip. But anyway, BlackBerry PlayBook doesn’t have a DVD Drive with it and it’s actually cumbrous to have a DVD Drive and several DVD discs in your luggage. A BlackBerry PlayBook DVD Ripper is your best choice to BlackBerry PlayBook with best quality and size. You can follow the steps below. (more…)

Blu-ray is a new optical disc format, which was developed to enable rewriting, recording and playback of high-definition video (HD). Movies in this format usually combined with the use of advanced audio and video codecs, will offer us an unprecedented HD experience.

The Blu-ray format is so good that many people want to play Blu-ray videos on tablet, me too. In this case we can enjoy movies anytime, anywhere. I got a Blackberry Playbook several days ago, now I want to watch Blu-ray movies on Playbook, but the Blackberry Playbook only supports few video formats, such as MP4 and 3GP. In order to make full use of my bulk 1080P Blu-ray videos and DVD videos, I decided to convert DVD and Blu-ray movies to Playbook. After spending several hours, I made it. You can follow these steps with me to convert Blu-ray and DVD for Playbook, or other tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola Xoom and Apple iPad, they have almost the same steps.

1. Download the Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper, my friends tell me it’s easy to use, and the most important thing is the software can help us to get high quality videos. Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper supports original Blu-ray and DVD files.

2. Install and launch it, we can see the main interface. (more…)