Amazon’s Kindle Fire is slated to launch next week and will compete against so many tablets in the market. But it might just scare all competitors,the reasons include the low price of Kindle Fire, Amazon powerful sales ability.  They understand how well-respected its brand is and they see that it has the ability to dramatically change a market.

Many people are focusing on Amazon Kindle Fire’s features. They have questions on the parameters and the usage. For example, does the Kindle Fire have an SD slot or 32GB support? Will Kindle Fire play MP4 or MKV formats? Does Kindle Fire support HDMI output?

From Amazon Kindle Fire product page, we know that Kindle Fire has 8GB internal storage, and approximately 6GB available for user content. It only has an usb port and headphone jack so we can’t put SD card to Kindle Fire. MP4 format is perfectly supported by Kindle Fire, MKV file maybe supported if its video codec is H.264 and audio codec is non-DRM AAC. HDMI is not supported because it doesn’t have HDMI port.

Kindle Fire is easy to take so it is very convenient for us to watch movies on Kindle Fire. WMV video is the best format in windows OS, maybe you have gathered a lot of WMV videos, the WMV file may not so big, so it’s appropriate for us to play on Kindle Fire. Here are some tips for you to play WMV videos on Kindle Fire. (more…)