Nook Tablet is getting hot these days. Many orders have been received on Barnes & Noble.

There’s a common opinion that Nook tablet will be a competitor to Amazon Kindle Fire. Nook Tablet has some advantages to those high price tablets such as iPad or Galaxy Tab 10.1. At $249, the Nook Tablet falls into territory that won’t make a huge dent in consumers’ pocketbooks, and it’s almost, but not quite, an impulse buy.

Another good point on Nook Tablet is: Its on-board storefronts for books, Android apps, and movies and TV shows are visually appealing. The device’s tight ties to the various storefronts, coupled with the company’s vast selection of movies. With these striking features, it’s great for us to watch DVD VOB movies on Nook Tablet.

Can Nook Tablet play DVD VOB movies directly? The answer is no. VOB file is one of the three types of files which are use on DVD. A DVD contains many different types of files, such as VOB, BUP and IFO. So we need a Nook Tablet DVD VOB converter, and convert DVD VOB movies to MP4 format before we put movies to Nook Tablet, MP4 format is perfectly supported by Nook Tablet. If you don’t know how to watch DVD VOB movies on Nook Tablet, please follow these steps below. (more…)

How to watch movies on Nook Tablet

November 15th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Nook Tablet - (2 Comments)

The Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet has been officially announced after months of speculation. It’s a direct competitor to Amazon Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The stunning 7-inch multi-touch screen displays 16 million colors ultra-bright. Exclusive design for remarkable clarity and minimal reflection & glare. It’s the ultimate for reading and enjoying the best in entertainment. Nook Tablet is powerful enough to stream videos quickly and smoothly. So you can kick back and enjoy the movies and videos you love, right on your Nook. It’s exciting for us to watch movies on Nook Tablet. Maybe you have got plenty of downloaded movies, DVD discs and Blu-ray movies, I think it’s great to play movies on Nook Tablet when you commute or travel. Here are some tips for you better watch HD movies, DVD and Blu-ray on Nook Tablet.

1. Free download Pavtube Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate. (more…)