While Samsung was more than willing to redesign its flagship tablet in the face of the German court’s ruling last year, the higher regional court in Dusseldorf maintains that the original still can’t be sold within its borders. As Samsung and Apple continue their legal fisticuffs worldwide, the claim from Cupertino that the 10.1-inch Android tablet is too similar to its own iPad has seen more attention than most. Samsung returned the favor by counter-suing over mobile technology patents, although it’s been just as unfortunate here, losing two out of the three infringement claims. The final case will be ruled on in early March. Today’s decision will also encompass the (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note released several days ago, now it has been for sale on Amazon. It’s as thin as a Galaxy SII, lighting fast and its 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display is as gorgeous as it is enormous; the 1280 x 800 pixels you once could only get with a full-size laptop (or in the Galaxy Tab 10.1) can now slide comfortably into your front pocket.

The high-definition screen may attract many people to watch videos on Galaxy Note. After I got Galaxy Note from my friend, I often use it to play android games, and watch movies download from YouTube on Galaxy Note. Besides, I convert and put a lot of videos to Galaxy Note, some of the videos are converted from DVD and Blu-ray discs, and some of the videos are downloaded from different online video websites.

Maybe you want to play videos on Galaxy Note but you have encountered some problems, such as the cmomon video format is not supported by Galaxy Note. Galaxy Note only supports MP4 format, so if you want to play common formats videos on Galaxy Note, you need a Galaxy Note video converter, below are some tips for you. (more…)

Recently, Samsung’s Galaxy series are very hot, such as Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S, the uses are increasing, but a lot of users have encountered a variety of problems, such as they don’t know how to put videos to Galaxy Tab 10.1 and watch movies on the Galaxy Tab, this is not surprising that many of them are the first time to use tablet. Here are some tips maybe you need now, they are about how to watch AVI and MOV movies on Galaxy Tab 10.1, other tablets such as Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Motorola Xoom have the same way.

The format which Galaxy Tab supported perfectly is MP4, MP4 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is appropriate to play. so we need a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 video converter, now follow these steps below to convert AVI and MOV to MP4 format for Galaxy Tab 10.1.

1. Download Pavtube Video Converter, this software is powerful because it supports nearly all popular video formats. You can get videos converted with high quality and rich stereo sound.

2. Install and launch the software, you can see the concise interface. Import your AVI or MOV videos. (more…)

Samsung and Apple have been at loggerheads over the design of Samsung, specifically Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 10.1, since April when Apple filed a lawsuit against the South Korean company claiming infringement. Claims and accusations have been shuttle cocking with Samsung’s Galaxy product sales hit with a ban in Australia and Germany.

Earlier, Samsung was defending its products, now it has decided to get more aggressive against Apple. Samsung’s head of global marketing said that Samsung will stop being “passive” and “respectful”.

Samsung is citing four of its 3G patents as the basis of this claim and it’s specifically targeting iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and both iPad and iPad 2. News reports that Samsung is claiming all four products infringe on four Samsung patents.

It’s easy to understand that the patents Samsung is talking about here are “essential” patents that cover technology required by the industry as a whole. Samsung is stating that Apple has been “free riding” on these patents.

I think the galaxy tab 10.1 is the vital product to fight against apple before the infringement adjudicated by the government.

Several days ago, Samsung Galaxy Note may have been the hottest new piece of hardware for 2011 IFA, but it’s the Galaxy Tab 7.7 got me really excited. This device is the latest tablet in Samsung’s popular android-based Galaxy Tab line, let’s focus on its striking features.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is pretty darn slick, and the 7.7-inch screen is so good, just like so many other devices launched by Samsung in 2011. The 7.7-inch 1280×800 super AMOLED plus display  is extremely bright and quite sharp, this screen is in keeping with the Samsung’s push toward devices that straddle the line between the tablet and smart phone spaces, and it is indeed terrific. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 isn’t going to replace your laptop or Galaxy Tab 10.1 or iPad for lengthy multimedia marathons, but it’s a great size for you to watch movies, it’s 0.74 pound so it will be the first choice when you travel.(Some tips about movies to Galaxy Tab in Galaxy Tab column ).

Also new with the Galaxy Tab 7.1 is the addition of android 3.2, but we didn’t notice much different on that front. Get more information about Galaxy Tab 7.7, please stay tuned with