DoubletWist is an excellent Android app which helps millions of people around the world to enjoy their music, videos and podcasts on their Android devices. Newsweek declared DoubletWist the #1 Android app for 2011.

DoubletWist imports your playlists, ratings, music and videos from iTunes, creates new playlists to your heart’s content. It also rates your songs and videos, and plays your music and videos and browses all of your photos.

The DoubletWist helps us to turn our Android device into the best media player. Connect your Android phone or tablet — or virtually any other portable media player or smartphone — it’s easy to learn how to use DoubletWist to sync music, video and photos from your desktop to your device. With Android devices, your ratings and play counts will also be synced. And the files go both ways — import downloaded songs, videos and photos you’ve taken on-the-go to your desktop.

You can follow steps below to sync music and videos from your PC to Android device by DoubletWist. (more…)