In the tablets market, there are great products and there are cheap products, but very few great, cheap products. For those of you unwilling to shell out $500 for an Apple iPad 2, and are wary of buying a piece of junk, Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire tablet should be at the top of your wish list.

Amazon Kindle Fire is a tablet with a 7-inch screen, giving it a similar look and feel as the RIM BlackBerry Playbook or Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. It runs a heavily modified version of Google’s operating system, includes 8GB of internal memory, and begins shipping to U.S. customers on November 15.

With the great and cheap tablet, you can read e-books on Kindle Fire, download Android apps and games to Kindle Fire, and stream video using Amazon’s video on-demand service. What’s more, you can put movies to Kindle Fire and watch them anytime, anywhere.

Maybe you have accumulated a lot of Blu-ray discs, now you can download Blu-ray movies to Kindle Fire and watch these striking movies again when you travel or spend holidays. Amazing high-definition movies will enhance you HD experience. But, Kindle Fire doesn’t have Blu-ray ROM, then how to play Blu-ray movies on Kindle Fire? Below are some useful tips for you. (more…)